Greetings from the atmosphere. The air we breathe here is permeated with fragrance of AVAF. i was introduced to your music while an announcer in FM radio at the time when White Winds was receiving some airplay. "Flight Feet" was the only track we were allowed to play and we weren't allowed to announce the track title, the album name or YOUR name; due in large part to the fact the no one could agree on how to pronounce it. Working the overnight shift i would often cue to "Phases Of Three Moons" before 'Flight Feet' since in my humble perception i felt the context of the tracks would be lost if not played in sequence. i would also allow 'Flight Feet' to run out into "Brothership" for much the same reason. That was then, this is now. . . i have assembled another home theater system and as in past constructs tune the system (matching the atmosphere) to the nuances of Vollenwieder. Yours are the preferred sounds to breach the veil.

I'm curious, of the videos on your website, will "The Anniversary" concert be available soon? It would be tremendous event to be able to share yours and the talents of "friends" with my friends in a presentation at 'House Warming'.

Be Well my Friend, and know that our 'flame' continues to give the light of love.
United States of America