Tony del Campo
I've always loved Andrea's music and credit his music for getting me off of sleeping pills some 30 years ago when I first heard and got hooked on it.

Not that his music was boring enough to put me to sleep.., but quite the opposite. His music had an extreme calming effect on me that would help me relax enough to be able to wean myself off of the pills over the next several weeks.

I remember the day I first heard his music..

I was at work driving a gasoline tanker down the road when I heard "Night Fire Dance" playing on a local new age music station in South Florida.

I was so amazed and touched by the music that as soon as I got off work my wife at the time and I ran to the record store to buy the album "Down to the Moon".

Well I took it home and after listening to the alum in it's entirety I loved it so much that we ran back to the record store to buy 2 more of his albums, "White Winds" and "Caverna Magica" I believe.

I have since also purchased others like "Behind the Gardens" and several others.

I'm a huge fan of Andreas and will always treasure his music.

May he be blessed for all of the people he's inspired and helped throughout the years.

Tony del Campo

United States of America