Hi Andreus, I've been listening to your music throughout most of my adult like. My favorite memory is to have you help me drive through a huge snow storm that stranded much of the region between Montreal and Toronto one February.

I'm listening to Eolian Minstrel just this evening. Such great music, such great memories.

I would just like to see you live in performance one time to make all totally perfect with the Gods. is there any chance you could make us dedicated fans on the other side of the Atlantic giddy with a tour sometime soon? I, for one, would be thrilled and grateful should you decide to bring your talent, accompaniments, equipment here in the near future.

We could use a little spiritual enrichment, and uplifting, now more than ever.

I hope your happy and creative in this time.

Sincerely, Your friend

John T.

Niagara Falls, NY
United States of America