Georgette Lasu
Dear Andreas

I have been waiting for you to tour the United States for so many years now. You are greatly missed!!! I saw my last
concert with you in California, but now I'm in the Midwest and we need to hear from you very badly. Your music is
so incredibly beautiful and brings joy and healing to everyone that hears you play. I've been a fan since 1982 and
I remember when I heard a song of yours on an American Soap Opera - "As The World Turns". It was amazing and
I still listen to you constantly after all these years. After I experience so many hours of listening I was hooked and I
even named my son Andreas because of the wonderful joy I receive from your beautiful talents. I wish You, your
Family and your Wonderful band of Merry Men all of the best. Please come back to the U.S. soon so more folks
can experience your music and the younger generation can be blown away and inspired too!!! Great Joy To You

United States of America