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Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand: Tintagel
Animus Mundi: Anshalla
Attrition: A Girl Called Harmony
In the Nursery: Groundloop
Coil: Ostia
Wumpscut: Mankind's Disease
Bjork: Pagan Poetry
Andreas Vollenweider: The Grand Ball Of The Duljas
Andreas Vollenweider: Czippa And the Ursanian Girl
The Swans: Mother's Milk
Lesiem: Fundamentum
Liturgy of Decay: SIC NOX LVCEAT
The Cure: Pornography
Virgin Black: Museam of Iscariot: Stagnation/Death/Procession
Nine Inch Nails: Something I Can Never Have
Wumpscut: Bleed in Silence
Lesiem: Liberta
Psychic TV: Maximum Swing
Psychic TV: Lies and Then
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