I felt the need to compile my own AV anthology to reflect what I like best in his music, and this is what it looks like:
CD1: PaceVerde, Skin&Skin, Sunday, Hands&Clouds, Caverna Magica (side one), The Stone, Flight Feet, Brothership, Sisterseed, Trilogy, Quite Observer, Silver Wheel, Drown in Pale Light, Secret, Candle.., Dancing with Lion, Hippolyte, Dance of Masks, Pearls&Tears
CD2: Rilax, Vergeletto, Jugglers in Obsidian, Book of Roses (chap.4), Morning Poem, Whitespread Wings, Petite Smile, Flora, Peachtree Valley, Sermon of the Birds, Metaphors, May Green Be the Grass, Heroes' Telling, Airdance, Stella, PaceVerde (remix) :-)
I hope the full Eine Art Suite gets an international release someday, and any other pre-1980 recordings.