mary foster
Dearest Andreas, I came to know your music with the release of Down to the moon. I bought the cd before I even had a cd player! (Got one that night)
Your music soothes me. It soothed my cat then too. (He has since passed, but he loved your music)
I saw you in concert in Denver once. You were supose to play Red Rocks , but rain brought you indoors where Walter, (bless his heart.. "stole my heartbeat")
I just wanted you to know I love your music and play it loud whenever I listen to it! Always hoping to expand your listening audience to my unsuspecting neighbors!
I got your autograpgh once via my friend John Kendal.. I still have it on a napkin, pasted in a photo album. I treasure it.
Thank you for the years of wonderful music and memories. I will be listening to you even in heaven.
Always a fan
Mary Foster Pine Colorado
United States of America