arthur brownstein
Andreas Vollenweider is my favorite musician on the entire Earth. I have been a fan of his for twenty five years. I am so happy to have his new album, Vox. Andreas is truly a musical painter. His music heals and uplifts the human spirit. He is a true inspiration. For the past twenty five years, my musical listening life can be measured in terms of thoroughly savoring each and every album he has ever made, and then waiting for his next album to come out. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. If Andreas would ever like to come to Hawaii, (I live on a small outer island, Kauai), he would be well-received. As a medical doctor, I believe in the healing power of music, and I believe Andreas's music can truly heal this world. I just cannot say enough about his beautiful music and the magnificance of his soul. I feel eternally blessed to have been able to listen to his music during the past twenty five years.
Thank you, Andreas. And God Bless.
Dr. Arthur Brownstein
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of Hawaii
United States of America