Browsing through the guestbook made me realize why it is a mission to get hold of copies of the AVAF music! Gosh, i never thought there are so many people who enjoy your music like i do in South Africa let alone the world! The most wonderfull thing you have done is to re-release most of your albums, i would suggest all of them from the first one you ever made be re-released from time to time (including the 1994 live album cos it is not exactly the same as the 2006 release) reason being as more people get hooked with your magic of the harp, a small distribution of your music becomes a drop in an ocean to that country that you are distributing it to. Hoping my humble request for re-releasing of the AVAF music will recieve the attention i wish it could get and we are looking forward to your live concert in South Africa when you tour the world again. Zamo