You and your bandmates are such a treasure. I have been listening to you since 1986, one of my first CDs. When I saw you PBS special and then checked the concert calendar I was totally amazed that I would have the opportunity to see you in such an intimate setting as Seattle's Jazz Alley. It was truly an incredible experience to see the harp, pecussion and wind instruments played with the expertise that you and your mates possess. I exposed my wide to your music through this show and she really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to speak to the audience about what has been going on in your life and with your songwriting. It was a great touch to your show. I wish I could have been there for all 8 sets that you played in Seattle. If I had my way I would have!!! I hope you make it back to Seattle and THANK YOU for playing at a great venue. It really is a treat that will be hard to beat. Tom Paine
United States of America