Toby Boon
When I was 22 years old I fell madly in love with this 27 year old gorgeous yet utterly charming and sophisticated girl that I was working together with in the Alps. This is so not me, but like some gooey Hollywood flick, we were both capitivated with each other and were blissfully happy. I went to live with her in Sweden after the ski season finished but the age gap meant 'normal' life was not easy. After 3 months, she left to start a new job in France as planned and I went travelling round the world also as planned but we had left knowing we'd not get back together while earlier during the season we had convinced ourselves that a year apart was nothing.

In the two days I was left in her wooden country house in the middle of the Swedish countryside before returing to Britain, and with noone to talk to about my complete despair, I played your Album Behind the Gardens, her favourite on her small CD stereo. I listened again and again. It is so beautifully put together and obviously it has permanent memories. for me. I am writing this 10 years later because I came across your site today and heard 'behind the garden' for the first time in many years.

Despite the time elapsed, I was instantly moved almost to tears. I could smell the scent of her home and garden like I was standing there again.

We never got in touch again and I am now happily married but I guess everyone has that first love they can't shift. (or at least I hope so) I wish her the best and hope she too is happy.

Somewhere in the world she will be listening to your music. It is the only connection we now have

Toby, London