Tarik Koray

This new organization of
the sites is absolutely
wonderful. I congradulate
all the team and the spirit who made this real. I especially loved
the part about sufi way
of thought in life. As I
have a great love and respect to inner love and
our heart's eye. Also
the mention about Rumi who also lived in Turkey most of his life and died
on December 17. Before he died, he asked from people not to cry or shout about his death,
because he said it is his
wedding night. Every year, on December 17, there is an international
Mevlana night, where
(Dervish)es turn and be one with God in their innerselves. Everything becomes one, as it always is. As I know this event can be seen over the internet on this date live directly from Turkey. I strongly suggest all of you to read Rumi's "Mesnevi".
Thank you Andreas and all
my love to everyone.