Steve McGregor
When I was 20, usually stoned, I listened to A.V. while living alone in a bedsit, as one of the other residents gave me a copy of an album (no idea which one but it is instrumental and sort of chinese but bouncy). Now 20 years later I have bought a car that only has a cassette player so rumaged through the garage for some old cassettes. Found one titled A.Voll, 08/1987 and stuck it in the car. Oh the memories (or not!!). Now as a dad of four and a taxi to them all A.V. is blasting out of the car and the kids and their friends love it. There is a niche market in Norwich (U.K.). Need info as to whether I can get more A.V. music in the UK and on what medium (allergic to downloading as it is killing music from lesser known, but better, musicians). Really interested in instrumental early stuff and would love more. please send info to
Can't believe after 20yrs I can find this stuff on the net and that my kids and their mates love it. For info to non UK people Norwich is on the Eastern most side of the UK and I live 15 miles south of there. No street lights, pavements or mains gas. We live for music and rely on the net. Just say hi and any info gladly received, happy days to you all,,, Steve,,,,