Stefan Szymura
Please answer where can I buy (or at least download mp3 ;-( ) the WHOLE "eine art suite in Xiii teilen" CD album?
I had the vinyl LP a long ago but switching to CDs I (OH STUPID MYSELF) sold it thinking that it would come back on the CD soon. Yes, it came, but as far as I know in Switzerland only. Even some discographies does not list "eine art suite"...
Yes, I know it was PARTIALLY released on the "Trilogy" with new ending, but it's not the same.
I copied the "suite" to the CD-R from MC (together with the audio track from the concert in Rockpalast (1983?) I had on VHS)but the quality is awful. Help me!
Amazon and other Internet shops say "sorry the item not available...
Regards to AVAF
Polen (Rep.)