Great Show in Portland.
Thank you for your leadership as world citizen and for taking the time to balance family responsibilities in your professional life.
I observed mike stands with microphones on each corner of the stage.
Are you going to put out a live recording of the Portland show, the acoustics at the Aladdin Theater are extraordinary?
I attempted to find out your position on audience taping before your show but could find no information on the net.
I was told at the door of the theater that it was not allowed at your request
Please reconsider your ban on audience taping of your live performances!
Since each of your performances is based on your 'cornerstones' structure and is improvised based on the synergy between the venue, the audience and the performers, a recording of each show would create a fine record of the magic you create each and every performance.
A majority of performers (Jazz and Jam bands) who improvise and do not play a set structure every performance allow audience taping with some limitations.
The acoustics of each venue are often time tested by local taping community.
I realize that some corporate recording contracts often forbid an artist from allowing live recording by the public.
Sometimes those performers, like Bill Frisell, will forbid microphone stands and open taping but allow microphones attached to the body or hand held.
Many taping policy options exist. I will forward different links to additional information if you are interested

This is a tricky area but positive compromises do exist that will respect the performer
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