Played 06.18.06 (Sunday, 17:00-19:00 EST) on MBLS Experimental Radio on

David Arkenstone: Inshallah
Orphaned Land: A'salk
Orphaned Land: Ocean Land (The Revelation)
Starline Theorie: Tic Toc
Autumn: Desert Winds of Jezebel
Genesis P-Orridge and Splinter Test: E Was a Mirage
Collide: Wings of Steel
Delerium: Forgotten Wolds
Dub Gabriel: War in the Poppy Fields
15 Degrees Below Zero: Downs, Part One
Sarah Brightman: Mysterious Days
Lacuna Coil: You Create What I See
Killing Joke: Walking with Gods
Andreas Vollenweider: Wanja the Wanderer
Massive Attack: Group Four
Genesis P-Orridge and Splinter Test: Thee Desert Ov Dark Skies
Natacha Atlas and Myra Boyle: When I Close my Eyes
Penumbra: The Prophetess
Killing Joke: Gratitude
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