Sean Eckenrod
After 24 years I finally thought what to say to Mr. A.V. A man who gave me a gift through his music that a poor loser from a dying steel town in Pennsylvania would of never had... The gift of sight and imagination. I struggled winding my way through society with "Dancing with the Lion" and was rescued from poverty and shot light speed through out space and time carried by "Nightfire Dance". Your music inspired a 100 stories of sadness and reception...of failure and unbridled victory. The places you have taken me celebrated my loneliness and understood my isolation while giving me the vision to want a higher purpose. Every song you created allowed "us" to achieve our own existence and tales. The only thing I can compare you to is that of a divine magnifying glass....allowing us to see the world in all it's different colors and sounds. I needed to thank you now for some reason...maybe it's because there were many dark times when your music allowed me to find a way out and the perception to accept the evils of our world while striving to fly above them. I believe I finally have approached a level to where I can express what I see in words, a place I never would have found without you. Very few people can actually pinpoint a moment that put them on a particular path in life.... However I can. It was 1989 and by accident I saw the "Dancing With The Lion" video on VH1, I was never the same as discovered all your previous works and continued to appreciate all that followed. You were there when i was scared, when I was hopeless, but we also had moments of grace and peace. The path you helped me see has not been walked yet but at age 43 I finally am beginning to walk it. It's time I use the gift you gave me. I believe I finally have found the voice you showed me.
United States of America