Sławomir Wojciechowski

Hello Andreas & Friend!!! After the concert in Warsaw (10.12.2004 r.) I'am very hapy. My heart grows! The same like Jerzy from 11.12.2004 I don't even know what to say... I have no words... realy. But I can to say, that "If you changed the piece of world, you changed all of world"! Your music is a music of my brain, drums of Walter Keiser is a beet of my heart. Special thanks for "Pilgrim" and "These Hearts of Gold". Great thanks also for Daniel Kueffer and Andi Pupato, You was perfectly. So... I hope will you (Andreas & Friends) as soon come back Poland. Thank you very, very much for Your music!!! Thank you for all...
Ps. Thank you for Your signaturs.
Polen (Rep.)