Rob van Wely
Hello Andreas,
thousandfold thanks for your wonderful heavenly music. I loved it since the first time. Long time ago I even imported your cd's from Switzerland where I made (and still make) my streetmusic (bossa nova, blues & ballads) to France where a friend in Perpignan had a cd-shop and could not find your cd's here..
Your music is like fresh air, oxygene full of love and life, beyond words...
I would love to play with you (I play guitar & sing & whistle - some excerpts can be found on youtube or :Dreaming in the garden has been inspired by your music).
apart from that I make photographs, discovered the beauty of water reflections (Wasserspiegelungen) that you might like too, some of them can be seen in a slide show on myspace, same address
Don't know if this message ever gets through to you, if you have the time you're welcome. I would be delighted if my music or pictures could provide you some pleasure or inspiration.
Wish you all the best,