Rijko Ebens

Dear Andreas,

I visited your concert in the Rosenhof in Osnabruck Sunday, January 15th 2006. Thank you so much for this wonderful and exciting evening.

A long time ago, somewhere around 1985-1986, I visited a concert of you in Groningen my home town in the Netherlands. I was deeply impressed then and since that evening I was looking for another opportunity to see you life again in concert. Somehow this desire never became true, until finally this great show in Osnabruck. I was very much reliefed to find out that the same magic that struck me about 20 years ago still exists in the performance of you and your firends.

I want to tell you that in the early 80's, a few years before the concet in Groningen, I accindently ran into your music when visiting a record store where music from your album 'Behind the Gardens,...' that was just released in my country was on the speakers. The music touched me immediately and these emotions and feelings of your music never left me since then.

I possess all your albums from 'The Art Suite in XIII Teilen' till your recent release 'Vox.'

Once again, thank you so much for the memorable evening in Osnabruck.

With kindest regards,