R van t Rood

Hej hej Andreas (and all friends),

I can imagine too, how your feelings are to your newborn grandchild.
My children (34,33,31 and 30) all grew up with the musik of AVAF and we were at several live concerts in The Netherlands, Germany and in Switzerland.
Now, we have also a very nice grandchild, Sophie (6 months), and when she listens to your musik, she listens very carefully and seems to like it a lot, too.
She is laughing a lot when I whistel together with the melody.
We enjoy the wonder of our first grandchild and the happiness that she brings.

So, enjoy the good times with your grandchild en keep up the good and nice work with your new project.
Hopefully we can listen in the near future to the new musik, you are composing and we will see each other with a concert.
We are looking forward to it (last time was in the Circus tent in Lachen, Switserland).

Lots of love and hugs from
The vantRoodjes from Holland