Peter Novotnik
Dear Andreas.
That is almost 8 years as I discovered your music. I didn't realise then how strong will be it's influence into my own life. I noticed how your music transform and I can tell that along those years your music become more personal and emotional. I loved your performance of Premiere of "Kira Kutan" in Warsaw (I'm Polish) and since then I'm still waiting for release on CD :-) hope to find it one day...
Few days ago I bought "Vox" - didn't have enought time to focus and listen to whole album but "Pilgrim" made me cry and feel great relief the same time...
I'm musician myself and can't imagine who would I be without your sounds and "poems" ...
May God/Universe bless you for all the love, hope and beauty you give to the World within Your Music.

P.M.N. Music Creations Australia