I'm really looking forward to the new album. For sheer musical imagination and spirituality, AVAF are in a class of their own. The albums are getting progressively more diverse, although I think the magic of AV's music has always been captured best when the albums have a kind of thematic/spiritual unity, like the album is simply one long piece. My favourites are probably White Winds (a great example of that) and Eine Art Suite. Book of Roses would be my favourite of the last ten years or so...one of the most imaginative records you'll ever hear, with instruments being put together no-one else would ever think of doing (dobro and flutes; dogs and crayons!)...Cosmopoly has some great moments too...A. Minstrel (1993)is the only one that I've never really appreciated, I think because the singers and a kind of rock-like vibe seem to dominate the album rather than Andreas's contribution or melodies...and maybe some parts of Kryptos are a little too heavy-handed for me in their execution, which is a phrase I could not otherwise imagine using regarding AV's music. My favourite tune of all may be Vergeletto (track 2 of the live album), maybe because it shows how a harp with just two percussionists and nothing else can create the most pure of all musics..as the early trilogy demonstrated so well...the greatest of all musics is sometimes the most simple!
Best wishes to AVAF and all concerned and, as they say,"May green be the grass...."