Olaf Zuiderwijk

Hello Andreas,

Is there any chance of you playing in the Netherlands in the near future? I was wondering because my father played your albums to me years ago when I was verry small and somehow I subconsciously carried them with me untill years later. Then a few years ago I borrowed the cd's from him to listen to again and since then I play them regularly. I even hummed your music to my own son to fall asleep to. Me and my father never talked much but this is one of those things we really deeply share (although not outloud..we just know it without saying) So it has become a burning wish for me to see you perform live (which I would absolutly love from the first note to the last), and it would be an even more amazing experience to come and see you together with my father. Please let me know and thank you sincerely for al the beautifull music. Hope to catch you live soon
Love, OZ