I found your music when I played harp as a child. I just could not find a teacher willing to teache me your style of music. And when time and school and life and university and boyfriend becomming husband and work and than the childern came, I learned more and other things about me and myself. I made other choises - which are good. And than I found this website. And like a breath of fresh AIR, clear sounds kissed an sleeping dream awake. It was a dream of mine ever to hear and see you play life. I am trying to make my child dream come true. Just thinking about creating this oppertunity to see and hear and experenc the music - it brings tears in my eyes of joy. it creates a fresh breath of air in my body, my being and my life to re-envent my life again. Thank you. I may be one of those lucky people to visite you and your friends concert. I feel it will even be okay if this can not be this year. Thank you.