Narbal Emmerson Laus
Brusque (SC), 02/26/2016
Dear Andreas,
Thank you for, first, who you are. An extraordinary being with a divine musicianship.
Congratulations on your beautiful music that enchant and uplift our soul.
My name is Narbal Emmerson Laus, but you can call me by Emmerson. I am Brazilian, I live in the city of Brusque, State of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, a city settled by Germans.
When buying my first CD player, so around 1990, I went to a store and asked the clerk suggest CD with instrumental music, at which he showed me the CD Cave Magic, Andreas Vollenweider. When I heard it I was struck by the beauty of music, the arrangement of the instruments. Since then, I bought several CD and DVD of his own, all very good.
Thank you for your great music.
Andreas, you want to do a show in Brazil?
It would be an honor to watch a show her here in Brazil.
long, healthy and meaningful life.
All the best to you and your team.
A big hug.