Mitchell Krog
Dear Andreas

In my early teenage years I first heard "Behind the Gardens" on a Sunday evening radio show in South Africa and ever since I was hooked. The very next day I sought out that album and obtained it. At that point in my life I connected with you and I could see the stories you were painting with music, they were very clear to me. Ever since then I have collected virtually every album of yours ever made and I searched especially high and low for your first album Eine Arte Suite which I eventually found and added to my collection. I have also introduced many many people to your music through the years as quite simply this is the music that the whole world should be listening to.

Listening to your music through the years has helped me through a lot of difficult and also good times. Your music enables all of us to journey through life with you. Even though many of your listeners may never have the chance to ever meet you face to face we are all connected through your beautiful music and beautiful soul.

I am a musician (non-recording) and I have played guitar for many years but it often leaves me wanting more as quite simply there are songs and tunes in my head that a guitar cannot accomplish. For the last 3 years I have been looking at harps as I really want to get one because I know it will fill that gap in my head.

I just recently watched your DVD "Magical Journeys" which was stunning and I completely understand what you said about the harp being the only true extension of your body and soul and how you went from instrument to instrument until you found the harp.

I know you are probably a very busy man but if you could guide me on a good harp to start with (Andreas style) I would be forever grateful. There are just too many types of harps available and I would not want to waste money. I am not even sure how I am even going to afford a harp as money is very tight but I love music and I am a creator and I feel I am only doing myself a great injustice by not following the path where I am guided.

Your music remains forever inspiring, beautiful and emotional and I know we will all journey together for many years to come. I would love to see you and meet you when you come to South Africa again, I missed your previous performances in South Africa due to various restrictions at those times but I hope to catch up with you next time. It has been a wonderful 20 years listening to your music and I look forever forward to the future with Andreas Vollenweider and Friends.

Warm Regards
Mitchell Krog
South Africa