Milan Milosevic
Thank you Andreas for your patience in giving me the opportunity to meet in person your wonderful musical cohorts at the backstage after last night concert in Seattle. I waited for some 23 years to hear and see you in person. It was amazing experience; being musician myself, to see such a delicate yet powerful performance of such a powerful group of musicians in this 'chamber music' setting. Overall sound in the other hand deserves the kudos to your energetic and skilful set of stage/mix sound artists as well, since they contributed to your music no less, yet often not recognized for their wonderful achievements.
I am, again, happy to have the opportunity to have you in Belgrade last year (I couldn't be there at the time), to share my music/ CD with you and would like to extend my hopes that you will come sometime-soon to Canada (Vancouver), where many of your fans would love to have the same opportunity to hear you. My twin, 7 year old son and daughter, in a first row there..:) it is, you have a new generation to share your musical and spiritual values and intellectual communication, beyond the mainstream beat.
Best & Warm Regards to you and your Friends. Best wishes to Sylvie Rossi as well.

Milan Milosevic