Milan Milosevic
Dear Andreas and Silvia Rossi,
Thank you for coming to my former home-town, Belgrade. My friend and dear cohorts told me that it was life-long memorable performance and out-of-their reality emotional experience!!
Should you wish to hear about more detailed and wider responses from many of my friends from Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra; who attended the concert, please, feel free to e-mail me re.,this.

I eagerly expect Canadian VOX Cd release and concerts in Canada. Also, I just recently signed the contract with the Summit Records USA, with my Trio, (D.Bass, Guitar and Clarinet/Saxophone,) which is greatly inspired with some similar in spirit musical thoughts but strongly devoted to Serbian, Kosovo and Macedonian, all those thorn connections; of which I wanted to in all my humbleness share to the world.
I would be honored to send one still pre-released (release in March 05) copy to my greatly admired musician, Andreas.
Hope to hear from you (...if you remember me from 2001..?)
Best and Warm regards,
Milan Milosevic