Matthew Deos
First, I want to say thank you, a deep heartfelt thank you. For my entire life, your music has been a beautiful current and the concerts I have attended rare moments of beauty. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity of seeing 4 shows, Down to the Moon, Dancing with the Lion, Aeolian Minstrel (What inspired beauty!!) in Boston, and a small performance at the Strand in Providence, Rhode Island. The Music speaks of simpler times and richer visions than we mere mortals have today... panoramas of wonder such as book of roses and divine musings such as painters waltz.

The first CD I ever owned (and treasured) was White Winds... and since that moment your music has inspired so much of my life, from the first moment I touched a harp to the present day. Your albums are the accompaniment of my everyday working life, played in the office of my massage therapy practice. I can think of few others whose music reaches anywhere near as many corners of my life, and none whose songs have guided me through my highest and lowest moments. A perfect soundtrack to any life. ;-)

Are there any plans for another american tour? I would Love to see you in concert again... anything would be wonderful. I loved the stage show and lights in Down to the Moon, and yet I also loved the simplicity and beauty of Aeolian Minstrel at Symphony Hall... I can say with certainty that the USA is always hungry for your beautiful music!

United States of America