Matt Miller
To the owner
Tsion Bensusan,
Dear Sir,
Last night I had the pleasure, and displeasure or seeing Andreas Vollenweider at your club!

I say 'pleasure', because it was, to see and 'somewhat' hear Andreas Vollenwieder; who's music and presence, I've been a fan and connoisseur of for 20 years, having seen him then in Radio City Music Hall!

I arrived at your club at ~ 6:30PM and was surprised to see the Orchestra pretty much filled, but was glad that I was able to be seated at the front of the partition, audience right! The view was impeccable, but to my chagrin, I did not notice that I was seated against a sub woofer/bassbin! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

I sadly became aware of this fact as at the start of the concert, my right pants leg was moving due to the bass bin displacing enough air to do so! :-( :-( :-(

I then realized that this was what was producing the obnoxious 'thump' in the sound right next to me :-(
At 8:15 I asked my waiter to speak to the manager, but rather than wait for him, I gave the waiter a message asking the manager to have the Sound Engineer turn off, (or down), this bass bin! This did not happen ! :-(
A few minutes later I asked a gentleman in a Brown Suit and earpiece, to do the same, and he said he'd take care of it!
At 8:45 after much more distraction from this device, I got up and saw the same gentleman standing behind me, so I got up and asked him why was I still being subjected to this 'annoyance' , and he replied that the 'soundman' refused/was unable to fulfill my/his request!
He then asked me if he could find me another seat, and I suggested the round table immediately in front on the partition, where no-one had been sitting all evening! He denied this suggestion! Somewhat later ~ 9:15 another waiter asked if I wished to me relocated to extreme audience right and I declined as, I was partial to the view that I had, I was also nonplused about not being able to be seated at the table just in front of me!

ALSO, I now need to communicate that it wasn't just my pants leg being 'blown' but I almost jumped out of my chair on two occasions when the drummer gave the bass drum a 'good' kick!

I expressed all this, and the following to your manager ( Michael C Fancher ), after the show:

1st. The hostess should have informed me of the 'Bass Bin' being RIGHT next to my seat, and given me therefore the option to choose another seat from the start! (It was not AT ALL obvious what it was from a casual glance; it looked like a small table.)

2nd. I GUARANTEE, that if Andreas would have know about this bass bin next to a fan/patron, he would have suggested/asked, that it 'wasn't necessary' to what he was trying to musically convey, and rather it was OBNOXIOUS IN THE EXTREME!!!!!

3rd. I could have been moved at 8:45 to the table in front of the partition, as no one was seated there!

I would have to say that '3 strikes and your out', but really, every 'strike' was " Inexcusable " !

To repeat, as a fan ( I have 4-5 of his CD's) and saw him at Radio City, and am also a Sound Professional for 30 years, having done FOH ( Front of House) in Avery Fischer Hall, the old Felt Forum in Madsion Sq Garden, and numerous Hotel Ball Rooms in Manhattan, as well as Javitts Center etc! I am also a Professional Guitarist and Guitar Teacher! My musical tastes extend from i.e. The Beastie Boys, Nelly to Beethoven, Bach!

I LOVE BASS when its warranted..........but I would NEVER put a BASS BIN next to customer(s) at a Concert of this genre!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AS a crude example, It would be like putting pepper in Ice Cream. NOT APPROPRIATE!

I only attend one or two concerts/year, because of $ and scheduling ( I still am active performing ), and was VERY much looking forward to an enjoyable evening, and this detracted immensely!

Also: Your manager could have been 'apologetic', but alas...he didn't 'get' any of it ! :-( 4 Strikes!

As I expressed to him, If I conducted my business's in that fasion...........I'd be 'out of business' !

I asked him for 'a freebie' on the 'meal' as way of an 'apology' and he couldn't even manage that ! :-(

So, I am now suggesting, that you not only refund my meal tab, but you refund my ticket(s) as well! ( I had a guest )!

Andddd its NOT the money.......but your staff 'semi ruined' my once a year 'enjoyment' !

United States of America