Marcia Gainey
Dear Andreas,
Your music has meant so much to me personally since I first discovered it back in the 1980s at our public library! I came across a cassette that I checked out and listened to repeatedly. I later got my own copy of that cassette.

In 1990 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and listened to Dancing with the Lion and other albums while I was receiving chemo therapy since I always felt better after listening to them. They were so important to me that I wrote to you and to my great surprise you wrote back on a greeting card. I still have that card and will always appreciate that an international star took the time to thank ME for writing to you. I still feel the same way about your music and have said many times it would be a highlight in my life if I get to hear you play live. I hope to get news that you are planning a tour in the United States and that it will be in a city near me!
Thanks again for your contribution to our world!
P.S. This summer I passed the 22 year mark as a survivor of breast cancer. So some of us do live and go on to live long, happy lives!
United States of America