Andreas, I do hope that you get to read this as I wanted to let you know how much your music has meant to me for over 20 years. I have been listening for so long that I cannot remember when I first heard it but I am so glad that I did.
Without fail I listen to your music on a near daily basis. Years ago when I would be taking my daughters home after they visited me every other weekend , once I dropped them off at their mother's I would inevitably put one of your cd's on to liten to as I drove home and now 20 years later whenever I listen to them I remember driving home and how I was sad yet your music lifted my spirit and comforted my heart.
My 2 daughters are grown now with children of their own and I still listen to your music and think of the times that I spent with them.
Thank you for your music, it has meant so much to me and I will always, always listen to it.
Thank you.
United States of America