Our Dear Andreas,Thankyou for the great years of top class Jazz.I have been your fan from the moment I heard angoh and Passage to Promise(together with Ladysmith Mambazo from South Africa) Please visit us (johannesburg) one day and you will be blown away by the support you will receive.My number one favourites has to be Pyramid.Its so unique and comforting.I once played 'Pilgrim'(vox) to my mother and for the first time our taste in music was the same.We listened to Vox the whole evening and we bonded."Paper walls" and "wake up and dance" are just wonderfull."Stella"(Cosmopoly) is another master act."Elle che" is very funny but nice.I can go on but words just cant express how I enjoy your music.Your new album Midnight clear means you still havent lost your touch after so many years.My best songs are"The Holy & the Ivy" and "Jesu,joy of a man's dressing".Book of roses was special aswell with "Czippa & the Ursanian girl" top of my list.From Kryptos,"Herme's weeding was my best and "Trigon/East of time reminds me of Titanic.I can go on and on but I would finally just like to also mention that "These hearts og Gold","Brothership","Belladorna ".The whole Caverna Magica Album was also very calming especially the first 5 Songs.