Josep Maria Vernet
Dear Andreas ,

Long time from your last visit to Barcelona , I want to share some things with you ,....

in first , thanks for your wonderfull music , and come here to share it all with us ,
in second , comment some things to you about the concert in "Auditori".

The Auditori is perfect for accoustical sound/music but no for "Amplified" music , The PA power

is not enough for the audience and the room dimensions , and the room size are too much big for you ,

The previous sites used here were better (Palau de la Musica & the Tivoli Theather).

A lot of people don't come to your concert due to the bad (and low) event information , you can

compare with the two previous concerts here...... a lot of people knew the event the same day.... ,

without enough time to buy the tickets....

At the event start , the sound was a bit dirty and confused , few songs (2) later it get better ,

but the room accoustics was a problem (in all the concert) , when the play intensity become high

the room generates a not clean audition , a bit dirty and coloured sound , in the other way , when

the play intensity was low (Arp , percussion , playing quietly) the sound was very good.

I was a sound technician several years , and I remember well the sound of your previous visits here

, in the two concerts the sound was EXCELLENT and your Arp was Cutting the air , clean and sharp

like in a glass heaven .... , I think that you came here with your own PA and sound system , they

were a very intimate events (a perfect communion between the musicians and the audience) in a well

sized room , with and incredible sound (enough powered , intense and clear) experience.

Please , take this , not as a crityc words , only a as my personal experience .... and please come

back soon....

Sorry for my bad english .

Josep Maria Vernet ,

a "friend" from Catalonia.