Jeff Baka
Dear Andreas,

Thank You for playing some of
the most amazing songs I have
heard ever!! I am truly in
awed by your composing, your
use of the sounds you employ
into each song, and I can't
leave out the way you end and
begin each song with such
I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you on several occasions, before and after
the concerts that you have done in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Please make plans to stop by again in Cleveland.
In your favorite theatre, where the "People in the Red Coats" are, The State Theatre. You have been gone to long!!!
About your French import, the
"Krytos" album. Is it any different, in terms of the recording, between the common
US release and the French release? Execpt for maybe the cover artwork.
I no where I can buy this import, and I have put it on
my shopping list, to buy in the next 2 or 3 months.
But I have a feeling that you
recorded it in a different way, since it is an release
from France.
I have everyone (and I mean
everyone!) of your albums.
The albums I am talking about
are the very first two records that you recorded.
The first one with your Father on it, and the 2nd one
that came right after that,
both are German or Swiss imports.
Except for the "...suite set
on the "Trilogy" album. I am
surprised that you never re-released those two albums on
CD. They were on the label "Wundertute" (something
to this degree). I will never want to give them away.
I was very lucky to have found them, in a small record
shop, outside of Cleveland.
I last saw you in concert in your small US 1998 (or 1999 tour) at the "Odeon" club.
My girlfriend and I are still talking about that night.
Thank you Mr. Vollenweider you nearly 20 years of pure
listening pleasure!...keep
on keeping on...
I wish Archie Patterson of
"Eurock" (
could honor you as part of his music that he sells!
I looking forward to your next album this fall!!
Jeff Baka - long time listener, and fan of the Swiss music culture.
United States of America