Hannu Savolainen

Hi there!

I heard the Vollenweider concert in Bern on Friday, the 8th of November - and was absolutely blown away!! I have heard lots of people live (such as Miles Davis and Bob Marley), and I have a lot of great records, but I had no idea how great the music of A.V. can be live!!! It was breathtaking, I could have cried (out of happiness, that is). It was just out of this world, and I want to really thank all the guys (they were all great) of the band for a wonderful evening (the word is not enough to describe how I felt)!

I had actually bought a ticket for a Vollenweider concert in Biel a year ago or so, but was unable to go due to work reasons (= I had to do an emergency operation at the hospital). This time my wife missed out on it, because she had to attend her grandmother's funeral, so we'll still have to work on it.

But really: the music is great on the CD's, but it was (if possible!) even better live!

Guys, thanks again!!

Best wishes
Hannu Savolainen
Swiss Cardiovascular Center