Greg Nester
The last time I saw you play live was your first stop in the US in 98' at Stockton College of NJ where I attending (now graduated with degree in Environmental Sciences). Someone in the audience made an imitation of a bird call at the start of the the show (a crow I think) which I don't think you were expecting ;). I though the bird call and your reaction very humorous - and a great solo show it was 8)! I still have that ticket stub from that show and from your concert at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia from way back in 94' (front row!). Your guestbook is a testament of the love from your fans around the globe. It shows that the beauty of your music is appreciated worldwide regardless of race, color or creed. Your music brings peace of mind, politicians would be well advised to pause and take a listen. Please keep up the good work & I very much look forward to seeing you again soon - Best Wishes..!

quote - We all came on different ships, but were all in the same boat now. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
United States of America