Gonzalo Castro

First of all, I was in the concert last Wednesday in Barcelona and I have to tell you it was I nice surprise for me. I listen your music for many years and I like much more now the concept of playing it more naked. I think I could appreciate the nuance of such a beatiful instrument like the arp. Congratulations. You inspired me a lot.

In other hand, I am a musician and I play the acustic guitar and I use open tunnings to help me play long arpeggios like in the arp, but it would never sound like it, but I don't mind, so I bought an arp, the chinise one you play with the intention to play one or two songs when I play live. I realized you had the low strings closer to you and the treble on the other side. In mine it is in the other way around so for me been a guitarrist it not so natural to have the treble string closer to my thum. Could you tell me if it is an expecial setting you use or I have wrongly installing the strings.

Thank you for the translation of your thoughs in such a beatiful way, music.