Glenda K Hammon
I found my way back to Andreas! I became a huge fan back in 1992, and fell in love instantly. It was music that relaxed me inside and out. Soothing. Magical. Oh, so personal. Such happiness I had not found in any other musical experience. I just returned back from taking my cat, Meenu, into see the doctor. I, myself, have been having many deep issues with my physical, physiological, spiritual, and emotional health.

A good friend, who is French Canadian, wanted me to have another pet, so she found my little girl at a shelter. I would love to speak about making friends with this woman as she is my equal in every way, our interests are completely in line with one another's. I did not think I would ever met someone like her again. Again, I'm off track a bit. However, she seems to have crawled out of a tiny space in my heart, she is evidently part of the reason I came looking for you again. As I said above, I took my precious girl to see the doctor, was told what was going on and what I needed to do, and I threw this on my back, and added once again, yet another stressor. Standing in the waiting room, you came to my mind. Very clearly, very prominently, and I started hearing one of my favorite songs of yours in my mind. I immediately started looking you up again on my phone as I waited. Just last night... excuse me -- this has started becoming so exciting and so obvious to me now! I had to try and decrease my body's heart rate, and more. (Oh my goodness, here it goes again, understanding and happiness as to why I am finding myself back here is going too fast!!). So many things are coming to my mind now. Well, I don't know how much room I have to write, and since I've begun to have a huge wave of feelings coming to the top now. I almost want to disconnect and gather my thoughts, because they are coming so rapidly.

I just read a couple of your responses from friends, and they are saying you have not produced anything since "Air" -- please do not stop, or go away. I have found you once again.

Love to you,
United States of America