G. Dennie

just tell the truth about NA. If you don't have plans, just say that.

Isn't that fair?

Your NA posting has been up for a very long time. It's starting to be a joke.

AIR live 2009/10
More concerts to come... please check in from time to time! Info: Momentarily we are focussing our live activities on Europe. The are plans for South Africa for August. In the recent years, the music business has gone through enormous change, first in the league of the maior record labels and booking agencies and in the last year or two it has also reached most independants as well. The US was hit by these developments particularily hard and the recent oeconomical situation didn't really help either. North America has been very important for our project from the start on and we are extremely dissapointed to not be able to regularily visit to play live for our loyal listeners. We are currently concentrating on rebuilding most of our network in the US and are very much looking forward to list an extensive US tour here on our homepage very soon! so, again, please check in from time to time or sign to our news letter!
United States of America