Frances Conolly
It must be nearly 15 years (possibly more) since I first heard Caverna being played in a cafe at the Royal Ascot Race Course. I became obsessed with getting hold of the music and tracked down the record (not avail then in the UK) and found it was just about available in Germany and the rest is history; I've been hooked ever since. What's so funny is that I was in Limassol (Cyprus) about four years ago (not a great place for finding real music) and went into a very small Music shop and to my amazement, found all Andres's CD's there including VOX... how spooky is that when you cannot get them easily in the UK strange as it may seem!
However, it seems I have to travel to NY to see you live .... could you consider coming to the UK to do a gig over here - (How about the Jazz Cafe in Ascot or ROyal Albert Hall?) Theres a big family of us over here who want to hear you/the band.

Love your music particularly when you work with Eastern musicians - working with Lebanese/Iranian/ Afghani musicians. Sorry to say, I am not sure about last Album - too much singing which masks the music. I expect I will get a black mark for saying this, but I am not a great lyrics gal - pure music is my bag.

Any help on knowing where in Mercia I should be heading would be appreciated.