Eric Connor
I have to share this unique story. I was in the military, serving in California, in the early 80's. Part of our physical training involved aerobics, and the teacher had (I didn't know it at the time) one of your songs playing. I didn't know the title of this song, nor did I know your name. The song, however, stayed with me for many many years and I always yearned to find who made this enchanting, beautiful song. 20 years later, and with the advance of technology, I whistled part of the tune into my hand-held PDA. I sent this wav file rendition out to many online radio stations in search of this elusive song. In a matter of probably only a few weeks, I received a positive response from one that told me it was from your White Winds album. I was so excited when I contacted a store, and they said while they didn't have it, that they could order it. A short time after that, I became the proud owner of your album! Great work Andreas! (If I had just checked with my oldest brother, I could've saved myself all this trouble, since he had already known about your music!)
United States of America