Elizabeth Allen

Dearest Andreas
and Your Transcedant Music Makers,

I have been your most loving and loyal fan for 23 years.

You have brought me through the grief of a murdered first husband when I was only 22, a courtship of beauty for the next many years after that and 20 years of happy marriage since to the same one brought to me after my murdered husband. We were happy to see you in concert when we were dating in CA just before the great earthquake in 1989 in Berkeley, CA and then many years later again in Portland, OR just a couple years ago.

I was the one who said to you, after your wonderful concert, Never apologize to your audience for needing to take a break. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU. You actually bowed to me, of all things, in thanks. And then we got pictures together!!!!!!!!!!!! You made my life complete by actually taking the time just to stand next to me so that I could remember a moment forever with the one person (you) who healed me musically over many years of pain and grief. Your music brings me healing. You are blessed with great healing powers from GOD. You have been my most healing point in times of great heartache. I have had many, many people die tragically. Your music has been there as a great source of beauty, light, love and source of great purity toward things new and a promise of a better future.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You can call me anytime, if you needed help organizing a concert here in this area. I would make sure it was arranged.

Thank you for finally opening up your voice and using it for the world to hear. This has been the one thing I haven't been able to do after I was told by God when I was a child that that was the ONLY thing I was supposed to do--SING for the world to hear. I know I'm supposed to, but, after so much pain, I want to but I am afraid.

I am extremely proud of you for doing it even though you were afraid. I understand completely your fear. But your voice is gorgeous and is the perfect complement to all your music.

Thank you, Andreas, for making your music complete now. I have every one of your albums, cds, and all that you've done.

Your beauty continues, and we await all the new magic you are bringing next............


Libby Allen Gilbert, AZ
United States of America