Eli Zephier

Mr Vollenweider & friends,
What a blessing to find this site!
First off, I have been listening to Andreas since I was 13. He has really been my muse since that first "accidental" playing I overheard on the local radio back home, 1984.
Now today, transplanted from my native Norway and residing in the US, I am sitting here with my 9 year old daughter...named KIRA, who likes the music as well. We can't wait for the US release so we can hear the rest of Kira's Waltz! I just told her the story of how I had 6th row tickets in Trondheim, Norway to see AVAF, and this is the tour where rumor has it Mr Vollenweider was injured and could not play (1989?). Needless to say we will be paying close attention to the tourschedule...maybe I can take Kira to hear "her" waltz:-)
You inspire me, Andreas, not only as a musician but as a human being. I think you are what Dan Millman calls a "Peaceful Warrior".
Here's the little gang I sing with, by the way..
Thank you for being with me now for 21 years...and now, a new generation in my house hears you. Unbelievable. Many blessings to you and your family from us here in the great plains, Indian Country,
Mitakuya Oyasin (which in Lakota means We Are All Related)
All the best, Eli (Ellie) and Kira Zephier
United States of America