Dear Andreas, Together with Wim Mertens i put the memories of your music in the 80's. It was then that is saw you in Brussels somewhere. Wim became famous with Close Cover. It was also the time of films like Koyaaniskatsi.
Although they classified you as New Age and put Wim in 'Minimal class' i like the works of both of you very much.
I think you have in common the joy of playing music from the heart and surprise your audience with ethernal themes.

A concert of Wim Mertens (who is from Belgium) i never succeeded to vist unfortunately.
I don't know if you him but i include what i call one of my favourites but there are more.
Really music what makes you dream.
Please enjoy the link and try it on your harp i think it will sound heavenly and please put it on youtube or somewhere

Kind regards, Dominique