Dave Babb

My wife and I have listened to your music since the beginning.

You were the inspiration for her to take up harp as an adult.

I have been a musician since the beginning, and as an adult, a music tutor.

Woodwinds and low Scottish Whistle. My wife is a Celtic Harpist now. We gig in Weddings and local events.

The ethereal sound of your music has greatly influenced the sounds of my primary instruments of Soprano and Sopranino clarinet and the same two voices in sax.

It has required much work on reeds and mouthpieces combinations.

Today, almost 20 years since we last saw you in San Diego, CA....That haunting, ethereal sound is still with us, and continues to be refined.

I musically realize and appreciate that you took a break, rejeuventated, and now have new music, fresh, from the soul.

I do hope that you have a venue somewhere in Colorado in your next tour. If so, I will be dragging a lot of college students with me to see and hear you.


United States of America