Daniel Hofer

Dear Andreas - its longtime we perform on same event - I guess it was 1979 at a festival in Kursaal Interlaken/Switzerland. I made my first steps with harp, but meanwhile I have far advanced. I play venezuelian llanero harp inspired by Venezuelian harpist Juan Vicente Torrealba - I guess I am the only one following his footsteps here in Switzerland. I play regularly at events - but alone, as I do not find any musicians which can accompain my stile and which are residents here in Berne. But I have a small insider fancomunity, even if I did not yet manage to make once a record or CD. Sometimes I find streetmusicians from Bolivia or Peru - with those I can play immediatly, but they are usually non-residents and stay short.. I wish to sit once with You and have a drink together as musicians.

Daniel Hofer
"Daniel Lanero"