Daniel Dreher

Dear Andreas (& Friends),

I wish I could share with you how much your music has meant to me over the years but this small space is simple not sufficient.

But I have a plan to remedy that.

I reside in New Orleans and am creating a magical sacred space (Artspace & Community Center -- which promises to be a radically innovative departure from anything than has been built to date). It's intended to be a place that embodies Integral Spiritualtiy & incredibel one-of-a-kind, site specific artwork and installations from a select group of A-List visual artists; if it fulfills it's promise, it will be a magnificent space for human interaction and they kind of emergence you speak about on your website and that will be as unqiue and avant-garde as your music. More later...I'll keep you posted as the plans unfold.

One of my deepest aspirations will be realized if and when you come to play in this magical space as part of the Opening Ceremonies! After all, isn't the best part of DREAMS is having them and then helping to bring them into being?

At present, the codename for the project is NOCHE Riverfront (New Orleans Center for Human Emergence to be situated along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River!

Stay tuned my friend and fellow light worker....your a true flesh-light!!!

Love & Blessings
Daniel Dreher
United States of America