Christina Siravo
Oops! sorry about that!
I wanted to sign your guestbook, and tell you how much peace and inspiration your music brings to me. As an Illustrator and singer; your music inspiring both visually/imagination and for singing. The melodies and the beauty of your harp are unique and unearthly at times- and definitely eclectic!
Everyone has a certain song in their heart; certain note patterns that describe them- does that make any sense? Your music is so similar to the songs that come from my heart!
It would be amazing to see you and your friends perform live in Europe. Perhaps maybe someday you'll tour in America? :) I hope so.
Thank you for your music, you are truly blessed, I look forward to hearing your new album soon, take care!
PS. Here is a link to my online portfolio, I would be greatly honored if you took a look at my work; (as I listened to your music when I created many of the pieces!) Thank you
United States of America